Brand-new Honda CR-V makes strange noise minutes after purchase

Honda CR-V rosak 01

JUST a few days prior, we have read about the stories of Perodua Bezza and Honda HR-V owners whose vehicles experienced breakdown shortly after purchase.

This time, another social media user has expressed concern about the new Honda CR-V, which was purchased by his father last December.

According to Facebook user Ahmad Shah, the vehicle allegedly produced strange noises just minutes after it was driven off a car showroom in Melaka. He claimed that the noise resembled that of a moving motorcycle.

“My father sent the car to the relevant vehicle centre for inspection. The staff only changed the door key, but the car still made the same sound,” he said.

The SUV was then taken back to the centre for a second inspection and test drive. The manager of the centre confirmed that there was an abnormal sound coming from the vehicle.

“He informed us that the car would be sent to the main service center, Honda Malaysia, as he claimed that the branch couldn’t do anything without a more thorough inspection from Honda Malaysia,” he said.

Following that, the SUV was sent to Honda Malaysia, but there was no news about its status.

“My father contacted the manager again, and he said that he’s trying to get updates and progress from Honda Malaysia, but till now, we still don’t know the cause.

“It’s quite strange because the car is not even a month old, but it is as if the warranty period from Honda has already expired for decades.

“Then my father contacted the Customer Service Chief of Honda Malaysia, who stated that the case would be referred back and resolved by the branch,” he expressed.

Ahmad Shah claimed that after investigation, it was found, according to there report, that there was no mention of the strange noise; instead, they only stated that there was an issue with the tyres.

“The noise disappeared when the car stopped, but it would emit a very loud sound when the car was moving,” he said.

In another Facebook post, Ahmad Shah said that the manager of the centre called his father to arrange a meeting regarding the car. However, the meeting date was not disclosed.

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