Afeela EV presented with closer to production specs

sony afeela 04

Sony and Honda at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 event last year have surprised the world with the debut of the new EV brand Afeela.

The collaboration, later named Sony Honda Mobility, has now unveiled the updated prototype of the Afeela electric sedan at the CES 2024 event in Las Vegas.

What you see here is the Afeela EV with specifications closer to the actual production model. Compared to the previous model, the sedan brings several changes, such as the use of traditional side mirrors, slimmer main headlight units, and a new bumper design.

The charging port door is now larger, while the rocker panel and rear bumper sections have also been updated. The cabin design is almost the same as the original prototype model, except for the larger center console structure, followed by a redesigned steering wheel.

Additionally, there are two wireless smart device charging slots and a camera module positioned above the full-width screen panel.

The Afeela EV will feature dual single electric motor setups, each delivering 241 hp, along with a 91.0 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The sedan supports fast DC charging up to 150 kW, and 11 kW AC charging. The air suspension system is standard with a multi-link setup at the rear, along with 21-inch rims (245/40 front tires, 275/35 rear tires).

It is noted that reservations for this sedan will open in 2025 before it goes on sale in 2026. However, before that, Afeela will allow the sedan to be driven for the first time through the Gran Turismo 7 racing simulation game this year.

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