2024 Ford Mustang recalled over potential brake hose failure

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Ford is carrying out a recall for the 2024 Mustang due to potential fluid leaks in the clutch assembly, which may hinder the manual model from shifting gears.

Yes, this means only the manual version of the Ford Mustang is affected by this recall. A total of 1,861 units are potentially lacking a specific seal or have been improperly installed. This seal connects the clutch hose to the firewall.

If the hose comes into contact with exhaust components, it could leak clutch fluid. If this occurs under the hood near a heat source, the fluid could also vaporize and lead to a fire, according to the recall report.

Drivers may experience difficulty shifting gears, and the engine may stutter, potentially leading to accidents.

Ford first identified this issue on April 30, 2024, when investigating two reports of engine compartment fires in manual models. Ford’s Critical Concern Review Group examined both vehicles and identified the root cause.

Ford stated that they were aware of the potential fire or smoke reports, but no injuries or accidents related to this issue have been reported.

Ford will begin contacting owners on June 17. They will ask owners to bring their Mustangs to a nearby dealer, where technicians will inspect and repair the relevant components if necessary.

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