Unsubsidized diesel price is RM3.35 beginning today (June 10)


THE government has set the retail price of diesel fuel at RM3.35 per liter starting from midnight tonight (June 10, 2024).

According to the Second Finance Minister, YB Senator Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah Azizan, the new price will be enforced at all petrol stations across Peninsular Malaysia. The retail price of diesel fuel in Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan will remain at RM2.15 per liter.

Through the implementation of diesel subsidy targeting, the government has set the diesel prices for eligible sectors as follows:

  • Subsidized Diesel Control System (SKDS) 2.0 using fleet card method for logistic vehicles, set at RM2.15 per liter
  • Subsidized Diesel Control System (SKDS) 1.0 for public land transport vehicles including school buses, express buses, ambulances, and fire engines at RM1.88 per liter
  • Subsidized diesel for fishermen remains at RM1.65 per liter

The subsidy targeting is introduced in the form of cash assistance through the following initiatives:

  • Individual BUDI Cash Assistance of RM200 per month for citizens who own private diesel vehicles
  • Agri-Commodity BUDI Cash Assistance of RM200 per month for small-scale farmers and commodity smallholders

It is understood that the first group of over 30,000 recipients will benefit from Individual BUDI and Agri-Commodity BUDI assistance starting tomorrow (June 10, 2024).

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