UMW Toyota sold 108,107 cars in 2023, 7% higher than year before

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UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has announced that it successfully sold 10,402 vehicles in December 2023.Of the monthly sales figure, 10,079 units were Toyota vehicles, while 323 units were Lexus vehicles.

With this tally, UMWT’s total year-to-date sales as of December 2023 stands at 108,107 units, an increase of 7% than the 101,035 units posted in 2022.

The company also said it recorded 1,342,130 returning customers for aftersales services in 2023, showcasing a commitment to customer satisfaction and efficiency in automotive care.

“With heartfelt gratitude to all our customers for their unwavering support, this year-end, UMWT renews our commitment to ‘Move Your World.” said Datuk Ravindran K., President of UMWT.

“We persist in our efforts to offer an enriched mobility experience through our Toyota cars and extend access to ownership for potential customers.

“Our commitment to achieving excellence and fostering innovation in the automotive industry remains unwavering, ensuring the best offerings for our drivers and stakeholders,” he added.

Ravindran further stated that UMWT plans to introduce more models, particularly with an emphasis on xEV technologies. This is to strengthen its commitment to support Malaysia’s ambitious goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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