Geely Galaxy E8 launched in China – 800 volt battery, up to 665km range

geely galaxy e8 07

Geely has just launched the Galax E8 in China, which is the third model in the Galaxy series. This sedan EV is built on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform with a sleek and sporty body design.

The design is not just for aesthetics, as the Galaxy E8 reportedly has a drag coefficient of only 0.199, lower than the Mercedes EQS (0.202) and Nio ET7 (0.208).

As usual, there’s no front grille, but the Geely Galaxy E8 features sharp headlamps and DRL. The side profile is free of any protruding objects that would disrupt airflow, and the door handles are retractable.

The interior of the cabin is striking, with a large 45-inch 8K resolution screen that stretches across the dashboard. Chinese companies seem to favor these large screens.

The Galaxy E8 also comes with a flat-bottomed and flat-top steering wheel, meaning it’s not circular. The central console is compact with six buttons, a rotary knob, a wireless charger pad, and storage space. Other features include ambient lighting and a panoramic sunroof.

For the mechanical aspect, the Geely Galaxy E8 is available in several configurations. The first is a 400-volt version with a 62kWh lithium phosphate (LFP) battery, a 272hp rear axle motor, and a driving range of 550km.

Another version has a 272hp motor but is equipped with a larger 76kWh battery pack, extending the driving range to 665km.

The highest variant has an 800-volt battery, a 224hp front motor, a 421hp rear motor, and a 76kWh battery pack. This variant can be driven up to 665km on a single charge.

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