Honda HR-V breaks down after 2 weeks, cause of issue undetectable

Honda HR-V rosak 2 minggu

Last week, a frustrated Perodua Bezza owner took to social media to complain about her car, which experienced an engine failure just 8 hours after purchase.

This time, another user, Noriya Mamat, experienced a similar situation when her Honda HR-V, which she purchased last August, broke down after only two weeks of use.

In a Facebook post, Noriya stated that the SUV began having issues after it was sent to a Honda service center in Gong Badak, Terengganu on September 2 for a 1,000 km service.

Two days later, her car experienced several malfunctions including the front lights could not be adjusted properly, blinking lights from the meter console and the emergency lights turning on.

Noriya claimed that the situation became more distressing when the Honda service center informed her that they could not identify the root cause of the problem.

“The car was sent back to the service centre for a week. I had to make multiple trips to the service center while I was heavily pregnant,” she said.

In December, when Noriya was informed that a technical officer from the Honda headquarters would come to Terengganu to inspect the vehicle.

On January 10, Noriya was contacted by Honda Malaysia headquarters and was told that her vehicle will be taken to Kuala Lumpur for a month to troubleshoot.

“How much longer do I have to wait? Every month, I have to pay RM1,500 for a vehicle I’m not using. Why is Honda taking so long for cases like this? Where is the promised excellent after-sales service from Honda?” she asked.

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