We’ll keep making V12 engines until they’re banned – Ferrari


DESPITE the fact that Ferrari has started offering smaller turbocharged hybrid V6 and V8 engines in its cars, the famed manufacturer is determined to keep its V12 engines alive for as long as possible.

Speaking to Car Expert, Ferrari’s head of product marketing Emanuele Carando assured enthusiasts that the company will continue to produce cars with the 6.5-litre engine for as long as the regulations allow them to.

“We will produce naturally aspirated V-12s until the law [no longer] allows us to. We hope the law in the future will continue to show opportunities, probably working on new petrol which is more sustainable,” said Carando.

In the 12Cilindri Coupe and Spider, the Ferrari 6.5-litre V12 engine can rev up to only 9,500 rpm, but technically it is capable of reaching 10,000 rpm.

Ruggero Cevolani, the head of the V12 program, explained that the lower rev limit was deliberately chosen to maximise power delivery and avoid “drop off in the sensation of constant acceleration.”

He further added that Ferrari is first and foremost an “engineering company,” and that’s why performance is a top priority.

Previously, Ferrari’s chief designer, Flavio Manzoni, acknowledged that the V8 turbo engine outperforms the V12 in terms of performance. Not only that, he also stated that the 12-cylinder engine is not the most efficient.

However, the company will continue to fight for the engine to ensure that it lives on for as long as possible, as it is more emotional than smaller engines.

Ferrari is not the only luxury brand still interested in producing V12 engines. Aston Martin also has a similar direction with the upcoming Vanquish model, which is said to have a more powerful twin-turbo V12 engine.

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