School bus not affected by diesel hike, operators have no reason to raise fare rate – Minister

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THE Ministry of Transport describes the increase in school bus fares as unwarranted, considering that the Subsidized Diesel Control System (SKDS) 1.0 for land public transport vehicles remains at a price of RM1.88 per liter.
The Minister, Anthony Loke, emphasized that this decision also applies to express bus operators who cannot arbitrarily raise fare rates as such actions require approval from the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD).
“This should not happen because this diesel subsidy is still being given to express bus and school bus operators. This means they are not affected by diesel price hikes as they are already receiving subsidies and there is no change in that aspect. So why are they motivated to raise prices if the issue of diesel (price hikes) is being used as a reason to raise prices,” he told reporters yesterday.
Loke suggested that although the government does not control school bus fare rates, operators should hold discussions with the Parent-Teacher Association (PIBG), with the ministry ready to assist from various angles to ease the burden on those involved.
“We encourage discussions between operators and PIBG… I know there are constraints and challenges they face, and we try to help from various perspectives to ease their burden,” he said.
Previously, there were rumors of possible fare increases for express buses, school buses, and excursion buses following the announcement of the diesel price hike in the Peninsula from RM2.15 per liter to RM3.35, which took effect two days ago.
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