This 993 Porsche 911 is packed with an actual Cosworth F1 engine, making 625hp

porsche 911 tag championship lanzante f1 04

LANZANTE returns with yet another 930 Turbo project. This time, the TAG Championship project is lighter and more powerful than before.

The latest restomod project from the UK company will only produce three 911 units with F1 engines, each representing three F1 victories by McLaren in the 1980s.

Each 930 Turbo will be fitted with a 1.5-liter twin-turbo V6 TAG TTE P01 engine. The F1 engine has been re-tuned by Cosworth with upgraded components such as pistons, valves, and camshafts.

It also receives lighter titanium turbos, certified by McLaren. Additionally, it is equipped with a new airbox, improved cooling, and a more robust exhaust system.

To control power delivery optimally, the engine is managed by a new ECU from Cosworth, providing 625hp and capable of revving up to 10,250rpm.

Power will be transmitted to the rear wheels through the original 993 gearbox with six speeds, but with custom ratios. This allows the 911 restomod to reach speeds of 320km/h.

Meanwhile, the brake system is provided by carbon-ceramic discs with four pistons at the front and rear. The wheels are 18-inch magnesium rims wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires.

Not satisfied with just a powerful engine, Lanzante has also ‘shed’ weight from this 911. They have replaced original components such as the hood, doors, spoiler, roof, bumpers, and front splitter with carbon fiber. It is now 430kg lighter than the original.

The interior has also been put on a diet. No more power windows and mirrors. However, other comfort aspects are not neglected, as there is a lightweight air conditioning system. The seats are also lightweight Recaros with a six-point harness.

No price has been disclosed, but with a project of only three restomod units with race-spec components, it certainly won’t be cheap.

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