Renault-Volkswagen low-cost EV is not happening

renault twingo concept 02

With the abundance of affordable electric vehicles (EV) from China, European manufacturers are beginning to feel worried.

Renault took the initiative to collaborate with Volkswagen in this competition, but it seems unsuccessful. The jointly developed low-cost EV will not be continued.

Renault’s CEO, Luca de Meo, stated that the discussions between the two parties have ended. He described the project as a “lost opportunity,” but mentioned that Renault is still open to cooperation with other manufacturers: “Maybe there are others.”

VW declined to comment, but it is confirmed that the two automotive giants will not continue their collaboration. Meanwhile, Renault will continue to produce the new generation Twingo, expected to arrive in 2026.

The current generation Twingo is still available, with options for traditional engines and EV. The upcoming new generation model will only be offered as an EV, with an expected price of less than €20,000 (RM101,965). On VW’s front, their plans after concluding discussions with Renault are still unclear.

Currently, the German manufacturer has the compact EV ID.3. The successor to the e-up! is also in development, expected to arrive in 2027, possibly named ID.1.

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