Mercedes to stop using EQ for future EV models, revert to traditional naming


MERCEDES is reported to be considering discontinuing the use of the ‘EQ’ name for future fully electric vehicle (EV) models. According to a report by AutoExpress, this step will be taken after the end of life of all current first-generation EVs.

The German manufacturer will return to using traditional naming structures for their non-EV models. Currently, almost all Mercedes EV models have ‘EQ’ in their names, from EQA to EQS.

An exception was made for the G-Class, which was launched in Beijing last month. It was not called EQG as expected, but instead was named G580 with EQ Technology. This signifies a new direction in the naming of the brand’s EV models.

“EQ is a technical beginning, Mercedes-Benz in the future will not become EQ,” said Mercedes’ product manager, Tobi Mantele. “EQ is a technical platform for us. Once you move towards full electrification, you don’t want to undermine a brand like the S-Class, for example,” added another Mercedes spokesperson.

This direction also indicates that Mercedes wants to normalize EV as a regular model line and will use naming conventions similar to petrol and diesel models.

At the same time, Mercedes will not only offer pure EVs, but their electrification will also include plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models. “We don’t want to completely eliminate the opportunities with our existing ICE platforms. We have top-performing PHEVs in the range, and we will update them,” said the spokesperson.

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