Mercedes Vision EQXX completed 1,000km journey with 300km range left!

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MERCEDES has once again sent their electric vehicle (EV) concept car – Vision EQXX – on a long-distance journey to test its efficiency. This time, it was tested in the Arabian Peninsula to demonstrate that EVs can be driven long distances even in desert heat.

The Vision EQXX recently traveled a distance of 627.6 miles (1,010km) from the Mercedes-Benz Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to the Mercedes-Benz Brand Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The journey took 14 hours and 42 minutes.

Despite temperatures reaching 34 degrees Celsius, the EV remained efficient with a power usage of only 7.4kWh per 100km. For comparison, it recorded 8.3kWh/100km during a test from Germany to England.

The Vision EQXX also had a remaining range of 192 miles (309km) when it reached its destination in Dubai. This theoretically means that the EV can be driven for up to 820 miles (1,319km) on a full charge.

This test result is a positive outcome for Mercedes engineers as extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold) can have a negative impact on the driving range of EVs. To mitigate the impact of temperature on the batteries, the Vision EQXX uses a special heat pump to cool the cabin, which Mercedes claims has minimal effect on the driving range.

To further enhance power efficiency, the Vision EQXX test unit is equipped with 117 solar cells. During the test, these cells generated 1.8kWh of energy, adding a range of 15 miles (24km). Mercedes stated that they will incorporate this feature into the production cars.

Also tested during this driving trial is the smart assistance system. This system provides recommendations to the driver on how to drive more efficiently, and it is indeed intelligent.

In this case, it also takes into account crosswinds from the coast to help the driver maximize the battery range. During stops, it assists in finding the most ideal parking space to receive sunlight for recharging the solar system.

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