This Honda CR-V Hydrogen could power your coffee machine

honda cr-v hidrogen 2025 05

Honda has collaborated with General Motors to develop a new generation fuel cell system that will become part of the FCEV package for the CR-V.

Revealed in a new video, it shows the CR-V as the indirect successor to the discontinued Honda Clarity, which ceased production in 2021. However, Honda is making a slight difference this time as the new CR-V will combine fuel cells with a battery pack.

The promotional video showcases the benefits of dual charging, where the owner charges their coffee machine in a remote area using the car’s battery, then proceeds to a hydrogen station to refill the H2 fuel in the rear tank. In reality, this dual charging system is not new.

Many electric vehicles (EVs) offer this functionality, such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, Nissan Leaf, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Chery Omoda E5.

Additionally, adding a battery pack will certainly enhance the practicality of the Honda CR-V Hydrogen, especially considering the limited availability of hydrogen refueling stations.

Honda has not shared much further information, but it is evident that the CR-V Hydrogen will be produced at the Performance Manufacturing Centre (PMC) in Ohio. This is the same facility that once manufactured the Honda NSX hybrid.

The prototype in this video is clad in a blue wrap, clearly indicating the United States (US) version as it features side marker lights on the bumper. Compared to the standard CR-V, this model has clear taillights and a charging port on the front fender.

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