Ferrari is spotted testing Tesla Model S in Maranello

ferrari tesla in maranello 02

THE Prancing Horse brand is reported to be testing an electric-powered model near its manufacturing plant in Maranello.

Based on a video by the Varryx YouTube channel, Ferrari engineers were seen selecting a Tesla Model S Plaid equipped with high-voltage stickers and 19-inch rims.

This is part of Ferrari’s preparation to launch an electric vehicle expected to debut in 2025.

By using the Tesla Model S Plaid as the test car, Ferrari’s first electric vehicle is likely to feature two to three electric motors and power that could potentially match the Lanzador model from its competitor, Lamborghini.

For reference, the Tesla Model S Plaid is capable of producing up to 1,020 hp, while the Lamborghini Lanzador can reach up to 1 megawatt (1,341 hp).

In recent years, many parties have begun using Tesla electric cars to study the engineering behind EVs, such as Porsche, Volvo, and Ford.

This is because Tesla was among the earliest to enter the EV arena and one of the first to offer electric vehicles with a relatively long range.

Therefore, it makes sense for other manufacturers to try to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of Tesla to apply them to their own products.

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