TAS: 2024 Toyota GR Yaris unveiled, gains 8-speed auto option

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You may have read the report before this that the Toyota GR Yaris will be offered with an 8-speed automatic gearbox option.

Now it’s official, as it was launched by Toyota at the ongoing Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) event. Toyota has dubbed this gearbox the Direct Automatic Transmission.

Founded on a torque-converter unit, it has been tuned for quicker gear changes, and even features a mode for track use. In addition, the 2024 GR Yaris has undergone changes in several other areas.

The Circuit package will bring improved cooling system with an additional radiator, intercooler sprayers, and a redesigned intake system.

The automatic version also comes with a specific cooler for the gearbox. Both coolers can be seen from the side air vents. Interestingly, the automatic version only adds around 18kg in weight.

Chassis rigidity has been increased, and the suspension has been further enhanced to accommodate more power from the engine. It’s not just a regular tune-up, but a “strengthened” one.

There are new materials for the exhaust valve, higher pressure for direct fuel injection, a new air pressure sensor, and lighter wheels.

Finally, the GR Yaris has been given a facelift both externally and internally. The front bumper is more aggressive, while the cabin space is more driver-focused. The new 12.3-inch screen is from the GR Corolla.

Previously, the GR Yaris was among several vehicles offered with a manual gearbox option only, alongside the Honda Civic Type R. With the addition of an automatic option, does it make the GR Yaris less ‘hardcore’?

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