Chery Malaysia sold 4,501 cars from September to December 2023

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CHERY Malaysia has announced that it sold a total of 4,501 vehicles in 2023, a somewhat remarkable achievement given that the company only began delivering the Omoda 5 and Tiggo 8 Pro in September.

Speaking at the company’s annual business briefing, Chery Auto Malaysia Vice President Lee Wen Hsiang said over 80% of the total sales was contributed by the Omoda 5.

According to Chery Auto Malaysia’s Vice President, Lee Wen Hsiang, over 80 percent of this total was contributed by the Omoda 5.

Lee added that Chery also conducted a sales satisfaction survey where over 1,000 customers of the brand gave it an exceptionally high score of 94 out of 100.

Lee also said that despite facing initial comments when Chery was first introduced to the Malaysian market, the brand has steadfastly prioritised resolving customer issues and will continue doing so in 2024.

Among the efforts made to achieve this target is through expanding its network nationwide. Chery Auto Malaysia Network Development Director Soon Boon Ping, stated that the company currently has 32 outlets operating nationwide with a workforce of 550 employees.

“By at the end of 2024, we hope to have at least 48 outlets in operation and that will also contribute to 70% increase in our 3S and 4S centres,” said Soon.

On product, Chery Auto Malaysia Product Director Michael Chew shared that the company will launch four new models in 2024, starting with the Omoda E5 in March.

The electric SUV will be followed by the Tiggo 7 Pro in the second quarter and two more models in the fourth quarter. Notably, one of the two yet-to-be-named models will be an “affordable” and “higher volume” car for the rakyat. Could that be the Tiggo 4 Pro that was previewed back in October 2022?

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