Chery Omoda E5 launch in March 2024, EV SUV to be the Lead Car for Chery Eco Run


Chery Omoda E5 is set to be launched in March 2024, offering another compact B-segment SUV option with electric (EV) propulsion.

The Omoda E5 is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery, which is said to be more environmentally friendly. It has higher energy density for greater storage, thus offering a longer driving range, according to Chery.

Furthermore, Chery claims that the lithium iron phosphate battery can reduce the frequency and cost of battery replacement. This SUV can travel up to 430km on a single charge. With fast DC charging, it can be charged from 30 to 80 percent in just 30 minutes.

With an output of approximately 201hp (150kW), the Omoda E5 can accelerate to 100km/h in 7.8 seconds, and Chery claims that the SUV has an efficiency of 15kWh per 100km.

In terms of appearance, the Omoda E5 EV does not feature a grille like the petrol version; instead, its front space is enclosed. It also comes with aero rims for improved aerodynamic efficiency. The driving features of the Omoda E5 include Easy Start-Up, Creep, Pocket Brake, One Pedal Driving, and AGS Active Air Intake System.

The Chery Omoda E5 also supports V2L function, allowing external device charging such as ovens, grills, rice cookers, and even electric scooters.

Chery Eco Run

Chery Malaysia has announced that this model will be available in seven body color options with three interior colors. Chery Eco Run Meanwhile, the Omoda E5 will be used as the Lead Car for the Chery Eco Run, which will take place at Dataran Wawasan Putrajaya on Sunday, January 7.

Carrying the theme “A New Journey To A New Green Life,” the event is in line with Chery Omoda E5’s environmental protection message. It is organized by Jom Run and is expected to attract over 3,000 participants.

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