Artisan will build you an R35 GT-R with R34 styling, with up to 1,000hp

artisan nissan gt-r 06

Everyone knows that the Nissan GT-R R35 is now aging, although it is still the most high-performance car sold by Nissan today.

However, Artisan Vehicle Design seems to have a way to make it more appealing. The tuning company is developing an R35 with the body style of the R34, a completely new interior, and up to 1,000hp. Limited production, of course.

Sounds like the perfect GT-R, doesn’t it? Because you get modern performance from the R35 but with the cool classic look of the R34. The writer prefers the look of the R34 Skyline, do you agree?

To achieve this result, Artisan is replacing all R35 body panels with carbon fiber components to reduce weight while increasing rigidity. The lighting system is also completely new.

For colors, Artisan offers iconic GT-R colors like Millenium Jade, Midnight Purple, and Bayside Blue. But you can also choose any other color you want.

The interior is equipped with a new infotainment system, and the dashboard and door trim are different from the standard GT-R. There are also carbon fiber accents and Alcantara leather wrap in some areas.

Now let’s talk about the mechanical aspects. If you purchase this Artisan GT-R, you can choose between two power packages: Track or Ultimate. Track gives you 800hp while Ultimate offers up to 1,000hp. Both versions come with upgraded brakes, tires, and suspension, ensuring the car is always under control.

These images are still in the concept phase, but the actual prototype will be unveiled at the 2024 SEMA event, and production will begin thereafter.

Only 36 units will be produced worldwide, starting at a price of USD450,000 (RM2.085 million). If you have the budget, would you grab one?

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