Wing Hin clenches victory for Idemitsu Super Endurance Thailand debut

wing hin idemitsu super endurance 03

NEWLY joining the Idemitsu Super Endurance 600 Southeast Asia Trophy race, the Wing Hin Motorsports team from Malaysia emerged as champions in their class.

In the race at the Chang International Circuit in Thailand, all three cars successfully completed the race, which featured a total of 64 cars.

The Toyota Vios #483, driven by Boy Wong and Dannies Ng, won the D4 Class and finished in 9th place overall.

The Toyota Yaris #338, driven by Naquib Azlan and Mitchell Cheah, finished in third place in the D3 Class, while the Toyota Yaris #339, driven by Amer Harris and Nabil Azlan, finished seventh in the D3 Class.

This victory in the race also marked the third success for Wing Hin Motorsports in Thailand this year. Previously, they clinched the D5 Class title at the Idemitsu Super Endurance 400 Minutes (September) and the Idemitsu Super Turbo Championship Junior.

“This weekend’s race saw us competing in the D4 Class for our engine segment as well as the D3 Class for the overall race and we extremely ecstatic with the results albeit so many uncertainties and nerve-racking moments on the track,” said the principal of the Wing Hin Motorsports team, William Loh.

“Ending the year with a Class win, and to have all three cars finishing in the top 20 is nevertheless a great way to end the racing season. We will definitely be back, and even stronger,” he added.

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