Daihatsu safety scandal: UMW Toyota ensures transperancy and quality


IN light of recent developments surrounding the safety test at Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd (DMC), UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT) has released a statement ensuring customers and the public that it is committed to transparency and accountability.

This follows the statement released by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) highligthing a procedural irregularity in in the testing of models by DMC, impacting three models distributed by UMWT in Malaysia.

President of UMW Toyota Motor, Datuk Ravindran K. said, “We emphasise our dedication to maintaing the highest standards and quality in our vehicles. Rest assured, we are actively working to ensure that all our vehicles in Malaysia strictly adhere to the relevant regulations and rules.”

Ravindran stated that UMWT is also working closely with regulatory authorities to promptly and transparently address this matter, maintaining its commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles to the Malaysian market.

“We understand the importance of trust, and we we want to reinforce the confidence our customers place in us. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has always been and remains our top priority,” he added.

In a statement issued on December 20th, TMC stated that an investigation conducted by an independent third-party committee found new irregularities in 174 items within 25 test categories. This is in addition to the door lining irregularity in April and the side collision test irregularity in May.

These encompassed a total of 64 models and three engines of vehicles (total of models currently being produced, developed, or ceased in production), including 22 models and one engine being sold by Toyota. The affected Toyota models sold in Malaysia are the Rush, Veloz, and Yaris/Vios.

In light of this, TMC and DMC have temporarily suspended shipments of all affected models both in Japan and overseas.

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