Daihatsu safety scandal: Perodua to conduct detailed assessments


FOLLOWING the announcement by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (DMC) today regarding the suspension of its models due to “procedural irregularities,” Perodua has also issued a response in relation to the independent audit committee report.

The “procedural irregularities” were conducted by DMC during vehicle safety tests on several original equipment manufacturers (OEM), which were announced early this morning.

The independent audit committee report, as announced by DMC, stated: “The inspection and tests confirm that all 174 irregularities identified by the independent audit committee meet the standards set by laws and regulations.”

Perodua is conducting a detailed assessment of the issue and is in discussions with the Malaysian authorities regarding the impact of these developments on its vehicles.

On April 28, 2023, DMC announced the occurrence of “procedural irregularities” during safety tests on vehicles in Japan. Following this announcement, DMC established an independent audit committee comprising legal and technical personnel.

“We apologize to our valued customers and the public for the concerns arising from this announcement,” stated today’s release by Perodua.

“Our intention is to provide assurance to our valued customers.

“We will share the results of these discussions with all our customers in the near future.”

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