Alfa Romeo promises to maintain the offering of sedans in the era of EVs

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Good news for fans of the Alfa Romeo brand, as the manufacturer is expected to maintain the offering of classic sedan body styles for the upcoming Giulia model expected to debut in 2026.

The Giulia EV is one of the two D-segment cars from Alfa Romeo that will be launched later, with the other being a replacement for the Stelvio.

Speaking to Autocar at the preview event for the new Milano crossover, its CEO Jean Philippe Imparato emphasized that the successor to the Giulia will still maintain the traditional sedan form, despite being aware of the shrinking segment.

He said, “the sedan body shape will make a comeback. I don’t want Alfa Romeo to become an SUV brand.”

The Giulia EV is also likely to bring a profile that combines sedan and wagon elements, similar to the Genesis G70 and Mercedes CLA shooting brake models.

“I don’t want to give up on the sedan market. It is Alfa’s DNA to have a sporty sedan. However, I also acknowledge there are proposals to produce a station wagon (estate) version of the Giulia.”

Alfa Romeo also hints at the revival of the iconic GTV and Duetto models in the EV era.

“The next step we are taking is: what is the answer for the GTV model, and what is the answer for the Duetto model? However, it is not definitive yet, and I don’t want to comment on it.”

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