Toyota is developing a manual transmission for EVs, up to 14 gears!

toyota ev manual

TOYOTA will introduce a simulated (virtual) manual gearbox for its electric vehicles (EVs). However, it appears it will be quite fun, as it will not be limited to just six or seven speeds.

In a patent application published a few days ago, it shows that there is no limit to how many gears the transmission can have. Images published with the technical document show it could have up to 14 gears. But how does it work? Toyota has also provided an explanation.

The patent reveals many details about this system. In simple terms, drivers will be able to select how many gear ratios they want.

“The number of virtual gear stages may be six or more, or less than six,” the document states. “Drivers will be able to select the desired form according to their preferences.”

However, Toyota does not explain any electro-mechanical system that will make up the physical gear setup. Instead, there will be a fixed number of gears, possibly six, but Toyota uses four as an example. Gears are selected as with a regular manual, although the gear button will return to its original position after use.

When the driver shifts gears, the virtual pathway shape changes to the next ratio. So if there is a pattern of six gears and the sixth gear is selected, a display will change the ratio to allow the driver to shift to gear seven and beyond, or down to gear five in the same set.

Confusing? In fact, this arrangement is similar to the manual gear setup of a truck trailer, so off-road enthusiasts will likely understand easily.

In any case, there must be a reason why car makers do not offer manual gears with too many gear ratios. A 14-speed gearbox is not practical with an internal combustion engine.

But for EVs, it’s a different story. Toyota believes there’s no harm in offering more options to buyers.

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