Premium EV brand Zeekr to launch in Singapore this year

zeekr 009

ZEEKR, the premium electric vehicle brand from Geely, is set to enter the Singaporean market in 2024, The Business Times reported.

According to BT, sales will commence in the first half of this year, with first deliveries expected to take place sometime between June and July.

Representing Zeekr in Singapore is Premium Automobiles Group, which has been appointed as the official distributor of the EV brand. Premium Automobiles also serves as the official distributor of Audi in the republic.

To mark its arrival, Zeekr will be launching the 009 and X, both built on the Scalable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform developed by Geely.

The 009 is a large MPV with a length of up to 5.2 meters and a cabin capable of accommodating up to six passengers. Equipped with a 140-kWh battery, it is capable of covering a distance of more than 800 km on a full charge.

The X was introduced in February 2023 as the third model in Zeekr’s lineup. Technical details are scarce, but the compact crossover reportedly shares the same powertrain as the Smart #1, indicating that it may be offered with a 66 kWh battery with a range of 400 km.

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