Yamaha establishes Enyring for e-bike battery swap in Europe, beginning 1H 2025

yamaha enyring 01

YAMAHA has announced the establishment of a new company called Enyring, which will offer battery exchange services based on subscription in Europe.

According to the official images provided, this Yamaha battery exchange service is seen to use smaller-sized battery units compared to Honda’s Mobile Power Pack e units.

In addition to offering electric scooter battery exchange subscription plans to users, Enyring will also collaborate with leaders in Europe to recycle used batteries.

In doing so, Yamaha will create a closed-loop system that relies entirely on recycling materials to produce the latest products.

Enyring will be based in Berlin, Germany, with operations set to commence in the first half of 2025. To start, Enyring will establish battery exchange infrastructure in two major cities, Berlin and Amsterdam.

The selection of these two locations is considered highly suitable as the use of bicycles and electric scooters has already become popular among the local population.

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