Huawei-Seres joint-venture to build Aito M9 with BMW X7 size and 630km range


Due to the relatively large size of the Chinese market, it is not surprising to see various cooperative efforts between major names such as Geely-Baidu, as well as several leading smart device manufacturers like Huawei.

The new Huawei-Seres cooperative company has recently launched the Aito M9 flagship six-seater SUV, featuring the latest Huawei technology.

It boasts dimensions larger than the BMW X7, with a length of 5,230 mm, width of 1,999 mm, height of 1,800 mm, wheelbase of 3,110 mm, and a drag coefficient as low as 0.264 Cd!

The M9 offers two powertrain options. The full electric version features two powerful electric motors delivering 523 hp, and a CATL 97.7 kWh battery pack providing a range of 630 km on a single full charge.

Meanwhile, the range extender version includes a 1.5-liter turbo engine acting as a power generator for two 490 hp electric motors and a CATL battery pack with a choice of 42 or 52 kWh capacity.

The range extender setup allows the M9 to travel between 1,362 and 1,402 km with a full battery charge and fuel tank.

An unique feature of the M9 model is the front-mounted projector, capable of transforming any flat surface into a 100-inch display, along with a cabin-mounted laser projector with a 32-inch panel.

The M9’s dashboard hosts three screens: a 12.3-inch digital cluster, a 15.6-inch center screen, and a 16-inch front passenger display, as well as a 75-inch head-up display and a 2,080-watt audio system with 25 speakers and active noise reduction technology.

Additionally, there are four additional display tablets for rear passengers, all operated on the HarmonyOS 4 Huawei operating system.

All six seats in the M9 cabin have electronically adjustable lumbar support, heating and ventilation functions, and can be configured as needed. In terms of safety, the Aito M9 is equipped with the Huawei ADS 2.0 system and 27 sensors.

In the Chinese market, the Aito M9 is available for order at prices ranging from 469,800 yuan to 569,800 yuan (RM304,481-RM369,292).

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